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Western Tapered Design Center

  1510 N. 21st Ave Phoenix , AZ 85009

 Phone: (602) 256-2336 Fax (602) 256-7040


Central Tapered Design Center

 1634 S. 108th Street   West Allis , WI 53214  

Phone (414) 476-6222 Fax (414) 476-3751


Eastern Tapered Design Center

  15 East Union Ave. East Rutherford, NJ 07073  

Phone: (201)-842-2463 Fax (201)-842-2474




Goals:  The TDC's goal is to provide you with a tapered design that is both cost effective and installation friendly. 

Technology:  At the TDC we utilize state-of-the-art technology to attain the highest quality for your project.  With the use of large format scanners, plan images can be imported into our system for a quicker and more accurate quote.   Shop Drawings are produced on large format printers to ensure they are first run quality.  Our large format copier allows us to copy and return your plans without delay.  In addition, TDC Shop drawings are prepared with meticulous care; enabling us to present you with plans that are concise and easy to understand.  Drawings are completed using the latest AutoCAD versions.  The field copy of our shop drawing is laminated to protect from damage on the construction site.

Quotes:  TDC Quotes are the most comprehensive in the industry.  All required information is included; as well as a layout drawing with each quote.  Our attention to detail alleviates confusion and provides clarity.  Upon request, we will provide loading chart diagrams as well.  When material is properly staged on the roof it eliminates the need to double-handle product; saving time and money.

Mission Statement:  Our mission statement is simple; provide accurate, knowledgeable, courteous service utilizing the industries most technological advanced equipment, in a timely manner.